Wednesday, June 12, 2013

@BodegaBAMZ Bodega Bamz "PAPI" SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Bodega Bamz is the only rapper buzzing from Spanish Harlem, and the only
rapper emerging from the underground scene with the effort to reignite the
Flame of Latin presence in Hip Hop. Not only does he have Uptown on lock, he is one of
the few rappers with an independent and original presence in New York
City's current street rap scene. He is half Dominican and half Puerto Rican
and raps about everything from women and champagne to childhood histories,
inner city struggle, and as he likes to phrase it, "everything that is
Real." His movement is comprised of a legion of dedicated fans, friends,
and family followers labeled the TANBOYS. TAN is in their DNA. It
Represents Latino roots, allegiance, and strength. He's bringing a history
that is completely absent from today's Hip-Hop scene which is what
distinguishes him from peer rappers and accents a rare product stemming
from the 70's Salsa Fania movement, the Latin Kings, and Gangster history
of New York City. Imagine Big Pun reincarnated with the audacity and charisma of Dipset, the rage of Terror Squad, and a complete original aura
that can only be credited to Bodega Bamz himself.

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